Kona Reef Blog:

My husband Rusty and I were born and raised in Southern California. We have 5 kids and 4 grand-kids (so far!). Both of us work extremely hard and love to travel. Although my husband and I are world travelers, nothing could prepare us for the peace and tranquility that we found in at Kona Reef in Kailua-Kona. Once we arrived we just felt home and after we purchased two condos, we started a blog. We now own three condos and love sharing both our experiences in Kona, as well as great experiences from our guests. Hearing a story from someone who has been to Kona is in our opinion the best way to get a true review. From interactions with wildlife, to why we chose to buy property is this beautiful area, check out our Kona Reef Blog!

The Night I got Rubbed by a Manta Ray

The Night I got Rubbed by a Manta Ray It’s 3:30 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and my family and I leave the Kona Reef and for Honokohau Harbor.  It's my 50th birthday and I'm about to have the adventure of a lifetime! We are given our equipment from the friendly dive masters of Jack’s Dive Locker [...]

How Did I Get To Kona?

Kona Reef, How Did We Get Here? Have you ever been to a place where your soul just says “ahhh”? My friends, Kona is that place for us!  We first visited Kona Hawaii after our youngest daughter, Brandi graduated high school. It was almost fate that brought us to this particular island. Brandi’s best friend [...]